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New York State allows home owners to file a tax grievance in order to lower their property taxes. Let us represent you during the process! We take care of the paperwork, research, and court dates. You have nothing to lose — except those excessive property taxes!

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Latest Property Tax Reductions

It's no joke that New York has some of the highest property taxes in the country; you could be saving THOUSANDS on your next tax bill.

Saving $6,110/year
Saving $11,722/year
Saving $5,526/year

Tax Grieving is a 5 Step Process

Sign Retainer

Signing a retainer allows Aventine Properties to represent you in the tax grievance process.

Submit Paperwork

Form RP-524 or Complaint on Real Property Assessment is filed before the Board of Assessment Review.

Waiting for Decision

BAR takes several months to review, and notifies property owners whether their tax grievance was successful.

Appeal at SCAR

If you are denied or are unhappy with the result, you can appeal at Small Claims Assessment Review.

Final Decision

Cases are then scheduled for a hearing anywhere from 6 to 15 months from the date of appeal filing.

Living Where You Love Shouldn't Break the Bank

Lowering your property assessment could mean saving hundreds or thousands on your property taxes. Why continue to overpay in property taxes? Get started with a tax grievance today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Grievances are usually filed around the spring time. BAR decisions typically arrive within 3 months and SCAR court dates are what takes the longest on average around ~ 6 months. We tell our clients the process will take a total of around a year.

We charge a fee of 50% of your total tax savings for the first year. Meaning if we save you $1,000 dollars on your tax bill we charge you $500. There are two extra fees, an appraisal fee of $75 and a court filing fee of $30. So your total in this case would be $605.

This happens quite often. At closing you would just need to have the new buyers take on the fees since they would receive the tax benefits.

Possibly, not all counties give refunds, and you would only receive a refund if we get the reduction at SCAR.